Aviation Safety and Security compliant to international standards and regulations

For over 20 years we create reliable and scalable software solutions for Aviation Domain

We offer airlines business processes automation solutions in full accordance with local and International standards

Airline flights schedule and maintenance operations decision support systems: solving NP-hard Travelling Salesman Problem with patented euristic algorythms enriched by machine learning
Aviation Security and Safety risk management operation support and decision support systems
Risk Management for Financial and Insurance Domains

We create and deliver AI/ML models: artificial neural networks trained on big datasets and integrated into risk management processes.

Booking/registration API integrations with all "Big" players (Sabre, Amadeus),including ESB and SAP/Oracle modules
Billing/invoice details automation solutions/acceptance systems (OSS level) for Ground Handling
Costs saving solution for insurance events and claims analysis
SMS/PUSH notifications for passangers and employees

BI reports with a centralized web-based dashboard supporting automatic scheduling and export options in all popular formats

System Analysis

Our analysts examine the subject area, working together with the Customer, collect and analyse the requirements and prepare the technical specifications.


We use the balance between the existing Customer's technology stack and the most progressive technologies. We believe that Digital Transformation is vital but should not be set as a goal by itself: first come the processes and their business value.


We provide wide range of IT consulting services, including architecture of the information systems design, load testing, solving problems with performance and support of existing information systems.


We provide comprehensive support of all the systems and guarantee the maintenance after the completion of development. Aeroflot PJSC and Rossiya Airlines JSC are among our customers in 2021.

Research & Development Department

Area of expertise: AI-models creation and implementation, development of neural networks trained onBig Data. Research activities on development and implementation of complex integrated IT-solutions in the aviation Security and Safety domains
Academic research activity: "Flight Safety and Risk management considerations for aviation events, recommendations, inspections, surveys, service reports control and fulfillment Database in PJSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines". Data model requirements determination. Research and selection of algorythms and methods for customized risk predictive model. Implementation of optimal solution for MVP pilot project.
Academic research activity: "Development possibilities for predictive flight events frequency valuation model under aircraft operating conditions in PJSC "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines". Research on implementation possibility of trainable neural networks used for creation of probabilistic relational models which define flight events frequency based on superposition of wide range of factors. Optimal math model was created for existing dynamic datasets. This was executed as MVP pilot launch implementation of predictive flight events frequency model trained on flight operations Big Data.


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